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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Episode 167: FOR REAL?! WHAT?!

In this musical episode, Jerry & Simone go through the lyrics in the new version of Aladdin and try to figure out why they changed what they changed.  Also, they torture themselves with the WORST Disney cover album ever made...and try to figure out why ANYONE would want to listen to this rich chick's music....In addition, Jerry shows Simone the autotuned mess that is DCappella and they listen to some of the worst garbage...ever...this ain't no Voices of Liberty people...And of course, by contractual obligation...the new Spokesy song is out, so strap in.  It's musicfilled madness in this week's episode, so you're not gonna wanna miss it...or maybe you will, who knows. #ShutDownMouseRants

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