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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Episode 139: Welcome To The C-List With Steve Guttenberg

This week, Jerry & Simone bring back an old classic....: BLIND COMMENTARIES!  And on this week's episode, for the first time ever, both of your Degenerate Leaders watch the Tower of Terror TV movie and determine why anyone thought this would be a good idea??  Does it remind them of the ride?  Does it feel Twilight Zone-y?  Will Steve Guttenberg put out a decent performance?  As expected, the answer to all of these are the same...No. [Spoiler Alert]...but join along anyway, because this HAS to be fun...right?.....right????

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WARNING: All episodes contain language and content, that could be deemed offensive by certain people. Also, all opinions and allusions to any alleged events are just that..opinions... allegedly. If an alleged fact is not backed up, then it is an opinion. Please judge wisely before blindly clicking on this. It is intended for an 18+ audience.

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