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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Jerry Skids Rambles 2: A Celebration of New Movies But Mostly The Last Jedi

No true episode this week, but Mouse Rants will definitely be back next week for Episode 127!!! (so if you're gonna rate and review us, do it based on a REAL episode). THIS week Jerry decided he didn't wanna leave you empty handed, so he recorded what would originally be a plethora of thoughts and musings during his commute...But ended up just being mostly about The Last Jedi.  So hear Jerry ramble on about The Last Jedi, the American Netflix version of Death Note, why the moron Millenials think that everything is whitewashing, The Hunger Games vs Battle Royale, Starbucks and I'm sure some other randomness on this Not A Real Episode episode of Mouse Rants.

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WARNING: All episodes contain language and content, that could be deemed offensive by certain people. Also, all opinions and allusions to any alleged events are just that..opinions... allegedly. If an alleged fact is not backed up, then it is an opinion. Please judge wisely before blindly clicking on this. It is intended for an 18+ audience.

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