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Monday, December 4, 2017

Episode 125 - Attraction Pitch Meeting

This week, Jerry & Simone attempt to become Disney's Uwe Boll as they try to get a bunch of movies based on attractions greenlit.  Join in the fun as they turn your beloved attractions into either film classics or straight trash.  But before they can do that, on When Pixie Dusters Attack, they address the psychosis of some of these positive thinkers and find out just why people are not allowed to have an opinion about Olaf's Frozen Adventure unless it's the same as theirs. All this and more on this week's most Hollywood edition of Mouse Rants.

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WARNING: All episodes contain language and content, that could be deemed offensive by certain people. Also, all opinions and allusions to any alleged events are just that..opinions... allegedly. If an alleged fact is not backed up, then it is an opinion. Please judge wisely before blindly clicking on this. It is intended for an 18+ audience.

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