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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Episode 118: Mouse Rants...Live At Fort Wilderness

Join Jerry, Simone and all their friends during Mouse Rants Degenerates' Rum Springer as they judge the Scavenger C U Next Tuesday competition, take on another awful vlogger that Tim can't handle, host the 1st  "Annual" Mouse Rants' Awards Ceremony and even find out Kate's self-appointed nickname.   Come drink with us til everything becomes a fucking blur on this long-awaited live episode of Mouse Rants.

Go to to follow along with the Scavenger C U Next Tuesday submissions!!  Full video link will be posted here and on YouTube within the week.

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WARNING: All episodes contain language and content, that could be deemed offensive by certain people. Also, all opinions and allusions to any alleged events are just that..opinions... allegedly. If an alleged fact is not backed up, then it is an opinion. Please judge wisely before blindly clicking on this. It is intended for an 18+ audience.

Live Video Recording of the Scavenger Cunt Results

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