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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Episode 80: Dave, Erin, Luke and Stacey, But Mostly Dave

This week, Jerry and Simone continue the adventures of Dave, Erin, Luke and Stacey in the bonus features of their favorite travel planning DVD ever, the Walt Disney World Travel Planning Video 2005/2006.  But first let's tie up some loose ends.  First they go into Disney's decision of removing the Moana costume Jerry discussed last week, leading to a discussion of race and sensitivity.  Next they talk the new piece of crap podcast put together by the Man of A Million Episode 1's....and then the decline of their once inspirational and beloved show and one huge douchebag move they made that has driven Jerry & Simone over the edge.    Check out this strange mix of positivity/negativity on the next Mouse Rants!

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