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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Episode 78: Mouse Rants 2nd Anniversary Spectacular!!!!

Well, it's come to this.  On our second anniversary special, we bring on our meanest friends to do the most original Radio Wars we have ever done. For the first time ever, we open up the vault on the WORST show idea we have ever had: a 2007 podcast that Jerry & Simone (thankfully) never ended up well as the most embarrassing video of your Degenerate Leader himself, Jerry Skids, Drinking Around The World!  But to do that we need the right people:
  • Cynical ex-CM and podcaster, Skipper Chris of the WDW Navigators
  • Author and Evil Incarnate Herself, Kristi Fredericks of Behind The Magic
  • Friend of the Show, who couldn't wait for the chance to tear us apart: Derek Drum
  • Super Degenerate, Friend of the Show and all around malicious motherfucker: Danny Gribbin 
  • And two very special guests!!
Join the party as they destroy us the way we've destroyed so many awful, awful shows.  If you miss the 2nd Anniversary show, you might as well kill yourself, because it doesn't get any better than this.  Thanks to all the Degenerates and friends of the show for two straight years of support.  Without you, why the fuck else would we do this?

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Follow Along With The 2005 Drinking Around the World video

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  1. This is how you know Jerry & Simone are gods (as the song states)...they can take what they dish. Best show ever!!

  2. Danny made me piss my pants multiple times!! Good job today guys!

  3. Two years already?? I still remember when you guys were vomiting down Hollywood Blvd. Now there IS no Hollywood Blvd. I think this episode gives you a few free passes for more Radio Wars. I'll email you guys a few awful shows I found!! Keep it goin' forever J&S!!!