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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Episode 66: Umm Uhh Ding!

Jerry & Simone are back with a vengeance in their return to Radio Wars!!!  This time it's a doozy, as they listen to the very first episode of the brand spankin' new podcast, DisExplorers.  Yes, that's right. From the same mastermind that brought you a dozen other failed podcasts, we bring you this whole new breed of awful! (If you don't know who I'm talking about, listen to Episode 25 or  Episode 46). So come join your Degenerate Leaders as they lambaste some more DisBoard & Facebook group posts and prove that our rival STILL does NOT have what it takes to start a podcast in our glorious three hour double episode!!!
(See, hate mailers?  No need to worry. We made up for our absence last week!!)

UPDATE!!!!!:  It is a possibility that they already ousted our favorite "podcaster" before the second episode as he is not joining them on that episode and his name is not even mentioned.  If this IS true, please give them a chance WITHOUT him as the other podcasts that kicked him out are amazing.

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  1. Best episode yet!! If they kicked out that douchebag already, you guys are really doing a service to the Disney podcast community. Keep it up y'all! Degenerates for life!

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