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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Episode 61: Simone Sucks

This week, we were SUPPOSED to record an episode about Pixar, but instead Simone felt the need to ruin the episode and storm out.. Since I refuse to miss a week because she wants to be a baby, here is what happened.  Enjoy.

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  1. This podcast is an total embarrassment. Jerry, you're in need of better communication skills. Poor Simone...

  2. You choose to comment on the April Fools episode, you frightened anonymous piece of shit? The only thing that's an embarrassment is you your parents. Yeah, keep posting anonymously, you should-have-been-aborted pussy.

    1. Jerry, just the way you responded indicates you have some serious interpersonal problems... You're actually the one who's a piece of shit here. BTW' an April Fools episode on March 29. Really?

  3. It's time to grow up Jerry....

  4. Why don't you stop hiding behind "Anonymous" and come discuss this like an adult on the show with us? Or are you only able to spew your closed minded opinions in the shadows?

  5. An adult discussion with you? You've got to be joking!!

  6. Okay, so that's a no then...Got it! Since I've given you a chance and a forum to speak your mind and you have chosen the cowards way out...then you can just say hello to the void of internet silence. Thanks for playing!

  7. I wasn't playing. This aired episode was really a total embarrassment.

  8. So you're just embarrassed that you were fooled by our excellent acting? Awww, it's gonna be okay schnookums.