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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Episode 59: SwooZie Is A Liar and Other Tales of Disney YouTube Awfulness

This week, Jerry goes solo...which, as you all know, means a full, all-out, balls to the wall ranting session is in store!!!  This time, he angrily debunks idiot vlogger, SwooZie's, obvious lies as he painstakingly is forced to sit through two of his Disney-related videos.  Then, get ready for DOUCHE CHILLS as he sifts through some pixie duster-style Disney YouTube series.  And when I say douche chills...I mean DOOOOUUUCCHHHEEE CHIIILLLSSS!!!!   Don't take this poorly thought out description's word for it...get ready for the most OUTRAGEOUS episode of Mouse Rants yet.

Links to the videos watched in this episode:
SwooZie: Confessions of a Disney Employee 
SwooZieRevenge of the Disney Employee 
Thingamavlogs: What It's Like Being a DISNEY Couple!
Thingamavlogs: Disney Love Medley - Acoustic Cover
Lou Mongello: 5 Snacks Under $5 at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Also, come meet up with Mouse Rants and let's get all get drunk together at the final Dark Side of Disney Documentary Screening in Brooklyn, New York on March 26, 2016 at 5PM (Doors at 4:30) at Videology!!  Afterwards, join director, Philip Swift, Katie Robbins, and cameramen/participants Joe Spit and Zach Lennon-Simon for a Q & A...and then, if you guys are up to it, grab more drinks and talk Disney and shit!!!!!

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