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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Episode 51: Christmas Deja Vu: La La La La

Merry Christmas Degenerates!!!  This year on their Christmas episode, Jerry & Simone run down MORE terrible Disney Christmas songs, try to add Christmas into non-Christmas attractions and dig up a Christmas album so heinous they'll never be able to top it!!  Then, in the second half  of the show, they bring on special guests, Joe Pardo (, Karen Drum, Chris Rowlands, and Janette Pellegrini to pay tribute to the soon defunct original cast of WDW Today.  This leads to an in-depth discussion of the 10 years (and if their intro is correct, only 7,800 minutes) of the past, present and future (cos it's Christmas) of park touring fun, inside jokes and super important zombie avoiding techniques!!  Come check it out on this week's Mouse Rants!!

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