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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Episode 48: Don't Do Anything Ever


Today, Jerry & Simone return with a Halloween episode that will make you shit your pants in delight!!!  First, a rousing game of What they figure out hilarious Disney and horror movie crossovers...then they discuss the very strange Pecos Bill/Tortuga Tavern switch...and finally, for your listening pleasure.......Mouse Rants' first feature length commentary of the Disney Channel Original Movie, Don't Look Under The Bed!

There are many sites that you can find a good version on that I cannot link to. The YouTube version is sped up and zoomed in, so you won't be able to follow along correctly.  Just remember this.... GOOGLE...IS...YOUR...FRIEND!!!!

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WARNING: All episodes contain language and content, that could be deemed offensive by certain people. Please judge wisely before blindly clicking on this. It is intended for an 18+ audience.

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