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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Episode 44: Live in WDW with Delusional Dinosaur Deniers and DADOOSH!!!,

This week, Jerry & Simone are Live in Walt Disney World causing havoc and mayhem starting with a fun-filled walk through the park and ending with one of the funniest guest appearances on any Disney podcast!!!  For the first hour check out their in-park shenanigans including:

- A Walk Through a Barren Innoventions West
- Excerpts of Strong Bad's commentary on Stitch's Great Escape
- The Be Our Guest Breakfast
- Issues with horrible guests in Space Mountain
- The Psychos at Night of Joy
- Just one of the reasons why All Star Movies sucks
- The Terrible Cast Member Loading at Festival of the Lion King
- Assholes on Dinosaur
- The New Starbucks at Animal Kingdom

The Second Hour is all about their night out with Dadoosh & Ms, Dadoosh!  Join them as they visit Disney just have to listen to it... no words can explain this craziness!

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