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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Episode 30: Cannibals, Nazis and Mormons....oh my!!!!

This week, albeit a little late, Jerry and Simone discuss (through commentary format) some of the Disney animated shorts that were either banned or censored over the years from cannibals to nazis.  (We will continue this discussion next week, as we have much more to talk about). All YouTube clips we used for the commentary are notated below so you can watch along with us.  We also discuss our progress with the Mouse Rants Frozen Extravaganza and play you guys a special SNEAK PEAK TRAILER!!!!  Be sure to check it out!!

Then Simone randomly had to leave and the MAYHEM began.  This episode's NOT-TO-MISS Radio Wars segment was so excruciating, it took up another HOUR!  This week, Jerry takes on The Rotoscopers/Animation Addicts Podcast...and he does it solo...Listen as he painfully goes over a segment from one of their earlier episodes - - no holds barred, no Simone to hold him back...and believe me, folks...this one is a beast.

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Hell's Bells -
Cannibal Capers -
Trader Mickey -
Reason and Emotion - (starts at :31)
Der Fuehrer's Face -
Spare The Rod -

Mouse Rants Frozen Extravaganza IMDb page!!!

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