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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Episode 16: Awful DisBoard & Disney FaceBook Posts

Simone is out again, and it wouldn't be a Jerry Skids solo show without trashing the DisBoards!   Come take a journey with Skids as we:

- celebrate the hat's half demise
- go through yet another Starbucks rant as the Trolley Car Cafe is erected
- lament about how many opportunities for good food have been missed at the parks
- try and figure out why any guy would stay with Naya Rivera after her recently revealed secret
- discuss the WDW Arcade Crash of 2015
- ponder the World Showcase Expansion and get ready for what looks to really be Arendelle
- lambaste awful Disney Facebook posts
- and of course, destroy horrendous DisBoard posts
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WARNING: All shows contain adult language and are intended for an 18+ audience only.

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