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Friday, October 31, 2014

Episode 9: The Destruction of Future World

Happy Halloween my ghoulish followers!  Today you're in for a super spooktacular treat!!  A GLORIOUS 3 hour episode!!!!   MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Today, Jerry and Simone discuss how ghoulishly horrible Future World is slowly becoming and 

- What attractions would be scariest if the Animatronics came to life
- What happened to EPCOT Center??
- Spaceship Earth or Why Dame Judy Dench Hates Us So Much
- Earth Station v. Project Tomorrow
- Communicore v. Innoventions
- The Land (From Nutrition to Hang Gliding in a State No One Cares About)
- From The Living Seas to The Dead Seas 
- No Imagination In Imagination
- The Tragedy That Is The Magic Eye Theatre
- The Wonders of Life - Rubbing a Truly Destroyed Pavilion In Our Faces Every Day
- Universe of Energy - a Salvageable Mess
- World of Motion
- Horizons: Replaced With a Known Murderer
- How can we save Future World from it's Ultimate Destruction?
- Horrific Endings to Beloved Walt Disney World Attractions
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