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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Episode 6: The Saddest Celebration on Earth

No Simone today, but Jerry rides the Maelstrom in Norway one last time (with Commentary!) and discusses how the Happiest Celebration on Earth was the beginning of the end ...Plus, Cinderellabration with Commentary!!!!

Show Notes:

- Simone is out today
- Jerry reads some comments on the Mouse Rants YouTube page
- Disbashing the homophobic Disers on the Disboards
- Princess Rap Battle (Snow White vs. Elsa)
- A Virtual Last Ride on the Maelstrom with Jerry Skids
- Why the Happiest Celebration on Earth started the decline of each park's individuality
- Jerry goes through how the parks in WDW were changed by additions & subtractions in 2005
- Try to keep your sanity as you listen to and/or watch Cinderellabration along with Jerry.
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