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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Episode 5: The Rules Are Not For Me!

This week Jerry & Simone get to the meat of the REAL problems in Walt Disney World...the guests!  From line jumpers to people with entitlement issues, the Ranters tear these rude & discourteous rulebreakers a new one as they discuss:

- The Beach Boys
- The 3-Boobed Hoax
- The Raping of MGM Studios....Can We Get a Name Change???
- Guests Are Assholes
- Line-Jumpers.
- "It's OK"
- Your Kids Are NOT More Important Than US
- Strollers & ECVs
- Put Your iPads away!!
- Flash Photography
- Get Down!!!!!
- The Wave (not the restaurant)
- Dry Your Eyes, It's Just A Game
- Control Your Children
- Get On The Bus!!
- Handle Your Alcohol

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WARNING: All Shows Contain Adult Language and Are Indended For an 18+ Audience Only

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