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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Episode 2: Why, Magic Plus?!?!?!

On this week's episode, Jerry & Simone rant about the absolute disappointment of My Magic Plus as a whole.  Here's the ol' breakdown:

- Naked Celebrities without discussing Vanessa Hudgens
- Who would win in a fight between all the live performers in World Showcase (circa 2005)
- Magic Bands and the Digital Age
- Losing all our Band-Its
- The impossibility of positioning your Magic Bands
- My Disney Experience
- ADRs for Length of Stay
- James Baskett should have been mentioned by Halle Berry!
- Resort Specific Merchandise is disappearing
- The slowest loading screen ever
- Chrissa, Chrissy, whatever...
- MDE Help: The only CMs Jerry hates on a regular basis
- Why Fastpass Plus can NEVER work
- The decline of Guest Service due to the introduction of Fastpass Plus
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Warning:  All episodes contain adult language and would not be recommended to anyone who gets offended easily.

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